El Árbol sobre la Colina

Bringing back the forgotten flowers to Reality

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Under these bandages
There is no pretty realities,
There is no merry laughs,
Innocent afternoons,
Nor livelings alive.
Under these petals,
My hope is waning,
My youth is drowning,
The candid decrepit,
Perfection a lie.
Under these rags,
There is a creature that weakens,
There is the sadness that witnesses,
Passions ethereal,
Me wanting to die.
Under these encrypted marks,
Truths that are hidden,
My lust forbidden,
La vie est un songe
J'habite dans mes songes

Unearthed delight.

In fragments

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Write in white my mind
Tell me how, tell me how
Stories and origins of the mind
Let the ink cross my hand
Alas! Do not let it dry.
My days, they go by gallows songs
Today by you, on the morrow, on the go...

And I cry a wordless litany
For those instants crossing my way
Breaking my embrace, cleansing my slate.
And then, my voice is reduced
To the empty, skilful words of my eyes
Rapid reconstructions of fragments
Some groundless, artificial, corrupted
Others, broken into silence.
And then, my spirit forgets the solace
Of the justice found in truth
Captured in the commodity of the isolation.

The sweetness of touching many walls,
Yet breathing nothing in.

26 February 2017


Oda al Caos

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Olfateo tras peligro
Huyendo entre ventana y ventana
De sueños marchitos,
Pasiones lejanas.

Sedienta de escape
Me vierto entre Sagas
Que cantan salidas y prosas
Magia del más allá.

Ansiosa de Vidas,
Canciones pasadas,
Me entrego al abismo
del Caos, desidia diaria.

Y la voluntad es prenda
De esta devoción,
Mis horas ofrendas
A este dios que es fe,
Salvación efímera
De nulidad final.

Pero Ella sigue cantando
Al son de la posteridad
Mientras muero en respiros
Sin empresa y hogar.

30 Junio 2016